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  • Dana-Farber offers a variety of leadership, professional, and personal development opportunities to all employees.

    All employees can participate in learning opportunities such as Effective Presentations; Resolving Conflict at Work; English as a Second Language Program; Customer Service; Microsoft Office computer courses; and writing classes.

    Managers can enhance career and leadership skills through extended programs such as a six-month Leadership Certificate Program, a 5-month Supervising at its Best series, and various other opportunities.

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    The Dana-Farber ESL program offers a flexible approach through a combination of class time and language lab/computer lab time. Students attend a two-hour class each week. Activities in class include speaking and pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading and vocabulary; learning about U.S. culture and cultural differences; news and current events; and student presentations. In addition, the language lab is open as a drop-in center for student tutoring.


    Dana-Farber's Human Resources department offers several types of one-on-one coaching to individuals seeking personal or professional development. One-on-one coaching helps employees clarify and achieve goals, find new career paths, or fulfill what's important to them. Our coaching aims to offer employees more clarity, focus, and direction; increased ability to take different perspectives; achievement of results; and a more balanced and fulfilling work and life.


    Our internal consultants bring a wide range of tools and techniques to assess team and individual functioning and to enhance communication, strategic goal setting and thinking, and working relationships.

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