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Mammography Suite at Whittier

  • Whittier Street Health Center

    Dana-Farber's Mammography Suite at Whittier Street Health Center was established in 2013 as a joint effort by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Whittier Street Health Center in order to address the structural barriers preventing Boston-area women from being screened for breast cancer.

    In the Mammography Suite, a Dana-Farber cancer care team – including board-certified mammography technologists, program coordinators, and breast health educators – provides culturally and linguistically competent care. The goal of the Mammography Suite is to connect low-income, elderly, and medically underserved women to high-quality care facilities and providers.

    The Mammography Suite is open Tuesdays through Thursdays, year-round, to provide screening mammograms to eligible patients. For more information, please call the Mammography Suite office at 617-989-3200.

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    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Whittier Street Health Center possesses a valid license and certificate of inspection issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.